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Minister Zenka discussed co-operation on improving respect for human rights with presidents of municipalities of Žabljak and Šavnik

Minister Zenka discussed co-operation on improving respect for human rights with presidents of municipalities of Žabljak and Šavnik
Published date: 26.07.2017 00:00 | Author: PR služba

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Minister Zenka emphasized  that in Montenegro, the value of a strong rule of law is recognized as well as the fact that it is closely linked to economic progress in the country during his visit to the municipality of Savnik.

Minister Zenka spoke earlier today with  Presidents of the Municipalities of Šavnik, Mijomir Vujačić and Žabljak, Veselin Vukićević, about the challenges  these municipalities have recognized in the field of promoting human rights, achieving a policy of equal opportunities and improving the quality of life of members of vulnerable social groups.

During the conversation, Zenka reiterated the Government of Montenegro's decision that Montenegro rests on the principles of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms without discrimination, as well as the full commitment to the fact that no one should be discriminated due to any personal characteristic.

According to the Minister, the Government of Montenegro, has previously developed a whole set of policies in the field of improvement of human and minority rights, as well as in the field of promotion and protection of the rights and freedoms of vulnerable social groups and has given clear guidelines in the fight against discrimination.

Minister explained that the systemic response of the state to the perceived level of homophobia in Montenegrin society and the exposure of LGBTI persons to discrimination is the Strategy for improving the quality of life of LGBT people in Montenegro for the period 2013-2018. Sexual orientation and gender identity are an integral part of every person's personality and should not be grounds for any kind of discrimination and abuse, Minister said. 

On this occasion, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on measures of combating discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and promoting tolerance towards LGBT people.

President of the Municipality of Šavnik, Mijomir Vujačić, thanked the minister for the opportunity to discuss the current challenges in the municipality of Savnik, but also the problems that this small Municipality has been carrying for a long time. In the sign of the huge potential of the northern region of Montenegro, the realization of the identified priorities in the next period should be accelerated in the Municipality of Šavnik, said Vujačić.

President of Municipality of Žabljak Veselin Vukićević said that this Municipality recognizes the importance of the rule of law and that without it there is no sustainable progress in Montenegro either. It is widely known that respecting human rights is a ticket for strengthening the economy of the state, the arrival of investors and the introduction of Montenegro as a safe destination for these issues of high importance, Vukićević said.

During the discussion it has been concluded that this serious social process, which implies numerous reforms in the system and society, should be systematically addressed in a way that will encompass all the key areas of social life and improve the social environment that guarantees the protection and respect of human rights and freedoms from the local levels. In this regard, Minister Zenka suggested that in order to achieve more visible results of cooperation, meetings and dialogue on more current issues intensify in the following period.

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